❝ That—- ❞

            She’ll try to say it politely. You don’t want to see her mad.


❝ —-that wasn’t funny. That was cruel

      —Take a look now at what your boy has done
             He’s walking around like he’s number one
             Went downtown and got him a gun

             So don’t { shoot, shoot, shoot } that thing at me
             Don’t { shoot, shoot, shoot } that thing at me
             You know you’ve got my sympathy
             But don’t { shoot, shoot, shoot } that thing at me— ♫

Title: Cheerleader
Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Strange Mercy
Plays: 10121
I’ve played dumb when I knew better
Tried too hard just to be clever…


"God, you’d think people would be smarter by now, more lively. More exciting - know what I mean? People lost their spunk, I think."


❝ I get it. I think it’s because most people are too afraid to actually try things these days, whether they be lazy or just scared. And they really shouldn’t be—- I mean, taking chances won’t kill you. ❞


"People are so weak sometimes. Jesus Christ, take some fuckin’ initiative, y’know?"


❝ I could not agree more. ❞

Title: Hippies Is Punks
Artist: Wavves
Album: Afraid of Heights
Plays: 1831



"Uh, I don’t think that’s legal."


❝ I don’t really give a shit. ❞



         ”——-Do you wanna hear a joke? It might be bad but… why not?” 

❝ Go ahead. I’m all ears. ❞

                                      She really was not, but this would be fun.